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Get an online personal assistant, it will make your life easier

by oneafrikan on July 3, 2008

The shorter version: Checkout Online Personal Assistant. I recommend it, it’s saved me time and made my life easier. Best part is you can use it from wherever… Try it, tell Ed you got there from here, and he’ll treat (…)

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by oneafrikan on June 30, 2008

Was at Open Coffee last week (looking for developers), and did this interview with Vincent and Eugene from on Kindo. Talked about how we’ve tackled some of the usual web app issues like scaling our userbase, internationalisation, product dev, (…)

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Ariadne Capital : Entrepreneur Manifesto

by oneafrikan on June 23, 2008

Found this reading the London paper City A.M: Ariadne Capital : Entrepreneur Manifesto. … That Leaders are those people who create trust in society and their businesses, and that trust is efficient. Success is forged through competition and human greatness (…)

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Kindo in the

by oneafrikan on June 23, 2008

Brief summary of what Kindo is about in the Guardian: _ Elevator Pitch: Kindo makes a play for the family network niche | PDA: The Digital Content Blog | ;-)

Test your Web design in different browsers with Browsershots

by oneafrikan on June 4, 2008

Pretty cool utility ;-) _ Test your Web design in different browsers – Browsershots Browsershots makes screenshots of your Web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. When you submit your (…)

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Lions at the gate: Microsoft vs Yahoo

by oneafrikan on May 23, 2008

If you’re interested in the inner workings of internet capitalism, then this should give you some good insight into how the system works… _ Microsoft-Yahoo, Version 2.0 Every day it looks more likely that Yahoo! (YHOO) co-founders Jerry Yang and (…)

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Welcome to the Kindo Family, Denmark!

by oneafrikan on May 20, 2008

Kindo is now in 15 languages… ;-) _ Gratis stamtræ pÃ¥ Kindo – Welcome to the Family, Denmark! Kindo just launched in Danish! Our last name research pages for Denmark have been live for quite some time now, and finally (…)

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