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links for 2008-05-07

by oneafrikan on May 7, 2008

Configure Evolution for Gmail IMAP – weakish page (tags: email google Howto linux ubuntu gmail imap evolution)

links for 2008-05-04

by oneafrikan on May 4, 2008

Lynch Consulting Blog: OS X Leopard and Ubuntu Screen sharing – HOWTO (tags: linux ubuntu vnc leopard screensharing osx tips mac Howto)

links for 2008-04-29

by oneafrikan on April 29, 2008

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System (tags: presentation slideshow css javascript xhtml s5 business) bluetooth obex [mac address] is not a valid location – Ubuntu Forums (tags: ubuntu linux bluetooth nokia6300)

links for 2008-04-28

by oneafrikan on April 28, 2008

Writing for Vitamin (tags: vitamin writing)

links for 2008-04-27

by oneafrikan on April 27, 2008

London Cosmetic Dentistry : Dentist Robert Stone Harley Street (tags: dentist london)

links for 2008-04-25

by oneafrikan on April 25, 2008

Creating the debian-sys-maint MySQL account on a Debian or Ubuntu system | high-tech sorcery (tags: debian mysql sysadmin ubuntu linux debian-sys-maint)

links for 2008-04-23

by oneafrikan on April 23, 2008

N7377 Men’s Lucchese 1883 Mad Dog Goat Chocolate 7/4 (tags: lucchese boots 1883) Daytona Motorsport : Venues : Sandown Park (tags: karting london birthday) doesn’t show pictures in the software Evolution Mail – Ubuntu Forums (tags: ubuntu linux evolution) Surbiton (…)

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