SEO job in Johannesburg, South Africa: SEO Analyst at FNB


Go get it… Or please forward if you think relevant:

Position Advertised: SEO Analyst
Segment: Corporate Banking
Business Unit: FNB Online – PCM
Grade: Grade Cs
Role: SEO Analyst
Remuneration: Salary depended on experience and qualifications

Overview of Role

The SEO Analyst is a position designed to support the efforts of the search engine optimisation team. This person is responsible for assisting with the production, implementation, and development of our search engine optimisation services. We’re looking for a motivated, creative, and analytic thinker to join FNB Online, in Fairland, Randburg. As a Search Engine Optimisation Analyst, the person’s primary goal will be to increase natural search engine traffic from key search engines for our FNB Internal Stakeholders. The person will also assist with the implementation of a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Web Analytics strategy.

Key Responsibilities:

* Audit content published for search engine optimization compliance
* Create detailed search engine optimization recommendations for assigned sites
* Track and report search engine referrals, keyword rankings and other SEO/SEM traffic metrics for assigned sites to stakeholders
* Implement strategies for attaining high rankings for relevant, high-volume search terms
* Be an expert in your space by staying on top of current SEO/SEM news, search engine feature changes, and algorithm shifts.
* Research, create and assist with a long-term SEO/SEM strategy for the channel that complies with best practice standards and will drive sustainable traffic.
* On-page optimisation, including detailed site assessment and comprehensive recommendations.
* Off-page optimisation, including development and acquisition.
* Website structure, page structure and internal linking structure.
* Advice on implementation and page code.
* Page copy and keyword optimisation.
* Monitoring and reporting.
* Keyword research.
* Competitor and back-link analysis.
* Work autonomously to identify areas of opportunity and improvement.
* Follow company policies and procedures.
* Complete any ad hoc report, or duty as required by the business needs.
* Demonstrate an active interest in advancing the success of our clients.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

- An SEO/SEM qualification (Required)
- Understanding and Experience in Web Analytics (Required – at least 1 year)
- A tertiary qualification with a marketing background (Advantage)
- Understanding and Experience in the Web 2.0 environment (Required – at least 1 year)
- MS Office Word and Excel Advanced user (Required)
- Report writing Skills (Required)

Personal Qualities

* Able to work with a diverse and distributed team.
* An adept and proactive communicator able to build relationships at all levels, able to deal with others with tact and good judgment. Responsible, inclusive and approachable.
* Drive and desire to contribute to the success of the company’s strategy and goals
* The ability to multi-task and plan effectively, especially regarding the introduction of new work to suit existing schedules is a must, as is effective self-management.
* A proactive and pre-emptive problem-solving approach, requiring a diligent mind and an eye for detail in all aspects of business.
* Intelligent and perceptive. A creative and original thinker with the ability to generate innovative solutions and suggestions to meet a wide range of business challenges.
* Positive and enthusiastic, displaying a genuine passion for meeting new challenges. Inquiring and analytical.

Office space available in Bryanston, Johannesburg


A mate of mine has some desk / office space available in the Bryanston area. I worked there recently, and think it’s an awesome space – clean, well lit, parking is safe, and plenty headroom – you’re defo not in a basement! Ideal for a contractor, consultant, startup, one or two man band.

Details below:
4 Karen Street
Lyme Park
(opposite to St Stithians School)

Available immediately.

R3500 per month which includes:
· Secure parking
· Aircon
· Electricity
· Kitchen
· Storeroom
· Internet connection (excessive usage will be billed at R99 per GB)
· Cleaning services
· Roof terrace with braai area
· 24 hour security
· Printing/scanning/faxing
· Receptionist
· Access cards to complex
· Boardroom (subject to availability @ R 200/hour)

Phone lines installed and active already but will be billed according to usage of that extension.

Contact: Brad Allen
Tel: (011) 463-0588

TECH4FRICA conference postponed for 2008


I’ve been delaying this blog post in the hope that one or two avenues would change things, but unfortunately they haven’t and so it’s time to face reality ;-(

In short, unfortunately I/we weren’t able to raise enough money through sponsorship to cover enough of the costs needed to make the financial risks tenable, which effectively means no conference this year. The majority of responses were along the lines of “we’ve already allocated our budget for this year”, or “it’s not our business focus so we won’t spend money on it”.

*** Please spread the word ***

So, the obvious course of action is to try get into next years budgets; and keep plugging away at people to get at least a yes/no. Based on that, it’s either a yes for sometime in 2009 / 2010; or give up on the idea having tried, failed and learnt from it. I’m not convinced that giving up is the only option just yet though!! ;-)

That said, a few good things have come from the efforts so far, and they are:

  1. a few people have stepped forward to offer sponsorship in the last week or two, unfortunately it’s not enough to cover costs, but it is a good sign.
  2. word seems to be spreading, I’ve been amazed at how many emails have come in every day, from all over.
  3. Most of the speakers have committed to staying involved, which means that we’re still able to speak to sponsors with such a great lineup

Bottom line:

  1. My sincerest apologies to you all.
  2. If you have any questions or comments, please comment.

You can read the blog post and comments here.

Thanks, and will be blogging soon with more news!!

Job: Social Media Manager in Johannesburg


(Directing strategy, content and actions on niche social networks)

Context: Social media and digital technology offers business powerful ways to interact and collaborate with their customer, channel and employee communities. This speed and flexibility offered by innovative Web 2.0 tools and Social Networking platforms is one of the only remaining avenues for competitive advantage.

The Virtual Works are an 11 year old business that supply outsourced expertise, creativity and engagement systems and management services to help clients build and engage their enterprise communities. We run niche social networks – for business reasons – and offer our clients a REAL rate of return on Web 2.0 platforms. For a live example – check out

Roles: 4 key functional roles exist at The Virtual Works:
1.Strategy: We help our clients develop community engagement objectives and strategies.
2.Data: We gather and capture profile data and the opt-in consent to engage members.
3.Systems: We configure open source Web 2.0 platforms to help our clients manage their interactive relationships.
4.Engage: We create the content, the value and invent tactics to get community interaction, engagement and commitment – and measure our results.

Social Media Manager: Drive community interaction and engagement to get community commitment – profitably:
1.Design social networks (Strategically – this isn’t a development position! Just be at home with Web 2.0…)
2.Implement widgets / Web 2.0 measuring tools and plugins
3.Implement the strategy/Build community eco-system. Make sure the right people exist inside the network – it’s the only way to trade value for loyalty.
4.Create and Manage content and value distribution. Work with writers to direct the content strategy.
5.Administrate the network
6.Set up moderation processes to keep content focussed.
7.Invent and innovate.
8.Promote, blog and market the niche social network. Liase with PR to make it famous.
9.Analyse and measure. Web analytics. Sales analytics. ROI.
10.Grow the network in terms of member base, interactions and client sponsors.
11.Rinse. Repeat. Refine.

Skills required:
1.Social media / Web 2.0 / internet savvy.
2.Trained in marketing communication discipline. [Degree/diploma]
3.Good communication/writing and presentation skills.
4.Strategic thinking ability.
Personality attributes
1.Results orientated.
2.Over the top passionate about the web as a medium… but clever enough to think strategically though its impementation.
3.Good planner/co-ordinator. Inventive/creative
4.Self starter. No spoon feeding. Take the ball – web with it.
Package: R20k to R25k p/m CTC and a 20% profit share on the community. Run a business, within a business!

Email CV’s and a reason why you’re great to [email protected]

Kaelo for health and wellness in Johannesburg


I’ve known John since we played hockey together at Jeppe Quandom in Johannesburg in the mid 90′s… and even back then he was always into holistic health, as well as a good party ;-)

So after 6.5 years of being in London, it’s super cool to see him (re-)launch something that is clearly aligned with his interests…. Kaelo.

If you’re in Johannesburg and are looking for someone to look after you and yours, then I’d highly recommend John, he’s an awesome guy.

It is with great excitement and anticipation that Kaelo unveils our new identity, which extends well beyond a visual re-branding, to reflect the physical growth and continuous evolution of our business.

When Kaelo first launched, our intention was to provide corporate Africa with workplace HIV/AIDS solutions – which we continue to do with much success. But Africa needs a much more comprehensive, holistic approach to health and wellness. We are successfully partnering with African companies to meet that need; together we are improving the health and well-being of their people and ensuring a positive return on investment and greater profitability for their businesses.

Kaelo’s work has always been driven by a need to ensure that all Africans can achieve their right to health and wellness – for life. But this cannot be accomplished by addressing HIV/AIDS alone. To support overall health and wellness, we cannot exclude the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses and disease – and the lifestyle factors that contribute to their prevention or onset and management. Our goal is to ensure an improved quality of life for all working Africans and their families for life.

The time has come to align Kaelo’s corporate image with who and what we have become – a guardian of health and a leader in the journey toward both wellness and lifesaving lifestyle changes.

Kaelo is a seTswana word meaning “guardian” or “guide”. Our new logo is a symbol of Kaelo – our work and our passion for and dedication to the health, well-being and happiness of Africans.

The arms extended represent Kaelo as ‘guardian angel’, offering care, protection, strength and openness, while the circle encompasses wholeness, endurance and perfection. We chose the color green as it is the healing color of nature and of life, symbolizing health, growth, well-being and harmony. Accompanied by our name in grey font, the logo is balanced with sophistication, stability and respectability.

We hope our new look resonates with you and we look forward to continuing to reap mutual and greater benefits as our rapid growth persists. We encourage you to visit our new website at, but please bear in mind it is a work in progress as we complete our changes. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop us a line – we would be happy to hear from you.

Yours in Health…For Life,
The Kaelo Team