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Get an online personal assistant, it will make your life easier

by oneafrikan on July 3, 2008

The shorter version: Checkout Online Personal Assistant. I recommend it, it’s saved me time and made my life easier. Best part is you can use it from wherever… Try it, tell Ed you got there from here, and he’ll treat (…)

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South African bandwidth at ‘fraction of today’s cost’?

by oneafrikan on February 19, 2008

From Tim (he who has no blog or site or anything to point to): _ Business Day – News Worth Knowing THE price of international bandwidth will plummet 80% when the Seacom undersea cable goes live on June 17 next (…)

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Kindo family shop is launched

by oneafrikan on September 19, 2007

Check it out, we’ve added a shop for some cool T’s and stuff for your wearing pleasure… ;-) _ Kindo family shop