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The Curious Incident of the Missing Market – Technology for Africa ’07?

by oneafrikan on April 5, 2007

Dave Duarte and Mike Stopforth have put together a regular marketing podcast for South Africans, which is shaping up to be a promising part of the ecosystem. Recently there was an attempt to get a “web 2.0 conference” done in (…)

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The pain of blogging

by oneafrikan on March 15, 2007

It seems an age since I last blogged regularly. I mean, I used to live blogging. I love the ideal of it, the ability to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world with access to the internet, the way the (…)

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37Signals using Amazon S3 for file storage on Basecamp

by oneafrikan on January 16, 2007

Was just trying to download a file off of 37Signals’ Basecamp, and got an error message – turns out the error message was an XML snippet from the Amazon S3 webservice.. Which is not really that interesting to anyone other (…)

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Technology for Africa ’07 credit card test passed, speakers announced

by oneafrikan on December 6, 2006

The last week or so has seen us sit with bated breath, waiting to see the reaction to the web and emerging technology conference we’re going to put together for Africans (with an African context of course). Well, we’re happy (…)

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You get what you pay for… every man is in his underwear on the web.

by oneafrikan on November 19, 2006

I’ve just had an interesting experience these last few weeks, where I’ve been woefully underwhelmed by a supplier that I thought was going to do a lot better than was eventually produced. Throughout the process I was defending the supplier (…)

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Making digital headway in 2006

by oneafrikan on June 22, 2006

Just posted another piece over at Lemon Foundation on how businesses should be going about finding their digital suppliers… Here’s the intro: It’s becoming apparent that the digital arena is starting to pick up, certainly much more than it has (…)

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In Luxembourg

by oneafrikan on June 7, 2006

I’m in Luxembourg today ’till friday doing client work, and I have to say that Luxembourg is definitely not what I expected! I’ve not yet been into the city yet, so can’t really comment on that, but from what I’ve (…)

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