Ever seen a double rainbow before?


I was walking in Wimbledon last night, and managed to get myself into a nice shower, which was cool ‘cos I had my brolly… Love walking in the rain when I’m not getting really wet.

Even cooler tho’, was the double rainbow that came out afterwards, which was totally awesome. I’ve seen a fair few rainbows in my time in Africa, but never a double one…

Here’s a photo for you:

_ Checkout the set if you wanna see more…

All shot with my trusty Nokia 6300 under the umbrella!

Kindo releases photo’s today


I’m sitting in the airport at Chicago and am just about to get on a plane back to London. Feeling more tired and whacked out than in a long time; probably the last SxSw…

Anyways, if you’re reading this and you like Kindo, give it a another look today – we’ve just added photo’s.

So, give it a whirl y’all and lemme know if you have any feedback – always appreciated!! ;-)

More soon.

Check out “75″


Long overdue post, check it out from Lebogang;-)
_ 75

75, is a daily collaborative photographic project.

It is an idea derived from Sinah Ntholi Nkoane, a photography – journal I have been running for five years or so.

During that time I realised, that I would actually like to see more day by day photography from other people, so I decided to build this here to allow for that.

So, I’ll invite a couple of people to do just that, and in turn, I get to see beautiful photography, well, we get to. In the end, they too, these initial, `graphers (also known as rock-stars), will invite whom-ever they want, and the circle grows bigger as time moves.

But, it’s only one photograph a day on every other day. Why one?

Well, my thinking is that, this induces a sense and appreciation of photography.


– lebogang nkoane

The naked CEO


I’m an entrepreneur, technologist and environmentalist. I’m also passionate about Africa, Africans, photography, open source stuff, and the web. I play hockey for fun. I believe we’re at a critical juncture in human evolution. I try constantly to be more productive. This is my blog where I talk about all these things, some more than others.

Just thought I’d get that out that way – hate it when people put other people in boxes. Never really fitted into boxes.

So as a follow up to this post about being a Naked CEO, I’ve exercised my right to change my mind after more deliberation, and have decided that henceforth, this blog will be about my experiences and thoughts (dirty laundry will be aired here – iron fist). The Technovated blog will be about Technovated (velvet glove), the business I started and am now lucky enough to be a part of, and what we’re doing there. There’s going to be a lot to talk about there over the coming months… ;-)

So, next post is about a frustration I’m having…

New photos from London, Bath, Stonehenge, Greece, Turkey and Hockey World Cup in Germany


Managed to get all my latest photo’s onto Flickr after getting them back from Jessops.

Here are all the new sets:
Hockey world cup in Germany

Summer holiday in Greece and Turkey:
Boat cruise
Lomography -> http://lomography.com/
Kas, Turkey
Fethiye, Turkey
Santorini to Rhodes
Santorini, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Athens, Greece

Weekend in Bath and at Stonehenge

Black and White day in London

I’m totally lusting after the Nikon D80S (getting tired of staff at Jessops screwing up the scanning of phot’s onto cd’s, and the cost of it), but at £799 in the shops atm, it may be a bit more of a save than I expected! (the D70S is now £599)…