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Nobody move!

by oneafrikan on May 28, 2006

I think I’ve reached some sort of geek or nerd Nirvana. I know that when my housemates come back from their various days, they’re going to look at me blankly and wonder what the hell I’m on about… and in (…)

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The Printable CEOâ„¢ Series

by oneafrikan on February 23, 2006

_ David Seah : The Printable CEOâ„¢ Series If you value your time, and like most people you’re not perfect, then take a look – you’ll probably like it ;-)

iPAQ 4150 data loss when battery discharges

by oneafrikan on March 21, 2005

On Saturday I opened up the case enclosing my iPAQ 4150 to have a look at some dates ahead in the calendar, and I got a pretty scary surprise. It didn’t start. At all. Nothing – nothing with the power (…)

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