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Spread the word: South Africans abroad can vote overseas

by oneafrikan on March 12, 2009

Just in case you didn’t know: The Constitutional Court ruled this morning that expatriate South Africans have the right to vote! Only those already registered will be eligible to vote, and must notify the chief electoral officer of their intention (…)

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Change has come to the White House

by oneafrikan on January 21, 2009

Check it out if you haven’t already: _ Really like what they are doing on the site, think it sets the tone and raises the bar of online efforts for pretty much everyone trying to engage… awesome work. As (…)

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Resignations rock SA government

by oneafrikan on September 23, 2008

Following on from the post yesterday, talking about the resignation of Mbeki: _ BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Resignations rock SA government South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and nine other cabinet members are resigning along with President (…)

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