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Jaunty Jackalope upgrade issues – evolution, window decoration, workspace switcher, ALT-TAB not working

by oneafrikan on May 19, 2009

Anyone having any issues with evolution, their keyboard shortcuts or window decoration, after an upgrade to Jaunty Jackalope? [updated: my solution, at least for now, at the bottom] Am finding the following so far, with visual (desktop) effects set to (…)

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Skype sound / audio problems on Ubuntu 8.10, with Thinkpad T42p

by oneafrikan on November 18, 2008

So recently I upgraded to Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, which I’ve found to be a real improvement (but that’s another story), and then I installed the newer version of Skype which supports video. Chat works fine, but I ran into a (…)

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