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Building a startup you love is hard (BaSYLiH) – First Draft

by oneafrikan on April 11, 2008

This is the first draft of the content from the core conversation panel I did at SxSW earlier this year. When it’s done it will go up as a PDF and a blog post. I’m posting here so that I (…)

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Please go and see “300” for the history lesson

by oneafrikan on April 7, 2007

I’ve just come back from watching 300 with my brother and Ryan at the Imax here in London, and even though it’s the second time I’ve seen it, I found the story just as moving, and the visual stuff just (…)

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The people you meet in life…

by oneafrikan on November 1, 2006

This is pretty good…

Kaizen and Pareto working together with GTD

by oneafrikan on February 3, 2006

Updater: There’s an interesting thread over at the GTD headquarters / David Allen site forum: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the web application I’m working on (well, getting to prototype / private Alpha) and two concepts (…)

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Good reading….

by oneafrikan on November 10, 2001

I’ve just finished a fictional work about the latter stages of William Wallaces life, as well as a trilogy centred around Robert the Bruce, both by the same author, Nigel Tranter. He writes from a historical standpoint, using actual events (…)

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