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Checkout O3Spaces – billed as alternative to Sharepoint

by oneafrikan on July 23, 2008

From the Using Sharepoint with Firefox post a while back… _ O3Spaces Workplace – About the software About O3Spaces Workplace O3Spaces Workplace is a Web 2.0 Document Management & Collaboration Solution for, StarOffice and MS Office users. O3Spaces document (…)

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Software Wars map

by oneafrikan on January 15, 2007

_ Software Wars A graphic map depicting the epic struggle of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) against the Empire of Microsoft… ;-)

SWeb 2.0 drinks…

by oneafrikan on April 26, 2006

A few of us have been chatting about the long train trips / cab fares home from events that always seem to be in Central or East London, so we’ve decided that we’re going to try do something a little (…)

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Can Web 2.0 play in the UK too?

by oneafrikan on October 13, 2005

One of the reasons I’ve been quiet of late is that I’ve started a project where one of the things I’m looking at is emerging web technologies and trends in the UK (if you’re American that may read Web 2.0). (…)

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Sharepoint information and a possible roadmap

by oneafrikan on September 8, 2005

I recently worked with my colleagues to put together a document for a (property sector) client explaining what MS Sharepoint is all about, and what it could be used for… If you’re interested in Sharepoint from a high level business (…)

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Bill Gates gets involved with Sharepoint

by oneafrikan on August 5, 2005

I talked yesterday about Sharepoint and the lack of credible Open Source competitors, and was going through my feeds earlier, only to find a blog post by Mark Bower about Bill Gates himself taking over the Lead PM (Project Manager) (…)

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Free equivalents to MS Exchange/ MS Sharepoint

by oneafrikan on August 4, 2005

There is a bit of interesting conversation about free and open source groupware apps going on at, about Hula and Kolab. I started this little rabbit hole at a post on, which made me think a little. This (…)

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