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I want to share an addiction with you

by oneafrikan on August 6, 2013

Pascal has encouraged me to write more about what’s going on. So today I’m going to talk about an addiction I have. When things were really tough a few years ago, and to manage my personal cashflow to as low (…)

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Are you an entrepreneur?

by oneafrikan on May 8, 2009

Great article from Harvard Business: _ MBAs vs. Entrepreneurs: Who Has the Right Stuff for Tough Times? – Bill Taylor – Ultimately, she says, entrepreneurs begin with three simple sets of resources: “Who they are” — their values, skills, (…)

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BarCampGhana 2008-12-22

by oneafrikan on December 10, 2008

Check it out: _ – If you’re in the area, swing by and see what happens ;-) Hope it goes well guys!