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GeekBBQ tomfoolery in London

by oneafrikan on May 23, 2006

Well, after what was a great night on Friday, it seems that there is demand for more GeekBBQ’s here in little ‘ol Sunny London, and since there have been requests for a “where do I sign up page”, I’m posting (…)

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SWeb 2.0 drinks…

by oneafrikan on April 26, 2006

A few of us have been chatting about the long train trips / cab fares home from events that always seem to be in Central or East London, so we’ve decided that we’re going to try do something a little (…)

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Web standards and accessibility not really in the UK?

by oneafrikan on April 20, 2006

Jason wrote something about web standards in South Africa recently and it made me think about web standards in the UK, and who is actually passing the litmus test when it is passed as law and people are supposed to (…)

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Tab Mix Plus

by oneafrikan on April 18, 2006

_ Tab Mix Plus :: Mozilla Addons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software Just installed it and it’s super nice ;-) Hat tip to Norman

PHP CSS Framework thoughts

by oneafrikan on February 15, 2006

A while back while doing some reading, I came accross an article written by Mike Stenhouse over at Content with Style, which got me thinking about this CSS malarkey. Yes, there are only so many layouts that people want. Yes, (…)

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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta

by oneafrikan on January 13, 2006

_ Download details: Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta The Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides a variety of tools for quickly creating, understanding, and troubleshooting Web pages. This version is a preview release and behavior may change in the final (…)

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IE MAC woes and CSS filtering

by oneafrikan on January 5, 2006

I’ve been doing some css stuff and have found that IE on Mac doesn’t play as nice as all the other browser kids… So here are some links that may help you if you’re on a similiar journey: _ CSS (…)

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