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Where we are with Tech4Africa

by oneafrikan on July 12, 2010

About 8 weeks ago I sat down to write a blog post entitled “Why do Tech4Africa?”, primarily dealing with the negative sentiment around the lack of “diversity” in the speakers and my frustrations with what I consider a limiting and naïve point of view. After re-reading it a few times, I decided not to post it, even after 4 hours of writing until 2am on a Sunday morning.

Since then, I’ve been overwhelmed both how much positive feedback there has been, by how positive our partner discussions have been, how willing people have been to help, and by how great the team is that we’ve assembled to make it all happen. Writing something that was in response to a small part of the overall discussion felt lame and defensive, so I didn’t.

Tech4Africa conference launches with world-class speaker line-up

by oneafrikan on April 8, 2010

A stellar line-up of international speakers will be joining leading African technologists to present at the inaugural Tech4Africa Conference in August this year. The conference gives South African businesses a rare opportunity to learn first hand from local and international (…)

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Building a Startup You Love series: Starting up is a state of mind

by oneafrikan on June 30, 2009

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get started on the Building a Startup You Love series, and writing a guest post on the IS Labs blog was a great opportunity to do so: _ Starting up is a state (…)

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Reflections on South Africa, 7 years on

by oneafrikan on May 21, 2009

I’ve just had the privilege of spending some time in South Africa, my longest trip there in 7 years, and I must say it’s been a totally different experience than I had anticipated. I’ve come away much, much, much more (…)

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Change has come to the White House

by oneafrikan on January 21, 2009

Check it out if you haven’t already: _ Really like what they are doing on the site, think it sets the tone and raises the bar of online efforts for pretty much everyone trying to engage… awesome work. As (…)

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It’s not about being the most frugal

by oneafrikan on October 29, 2008

Henrik comments on my Building a Startup You Love (is Hard) pdf / ebook _ Henrik Torstensson’s Weblog: It is not about being the most frugal Indeed, frugality is a great trait to have, in my humble opinion, when building (…)

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